4Patriots: Emergency Food Supply – 4-Week Survival Kit – Freeze Dried Food – 25-Year Shelf Li…


Price: $239.00
(as of May 24,2022 15:52:36 UTC – Details)

Your 4-Week Kit now comes with 196 servings of delicious survival food. That’s about 7 servings a day for breakfast, lunch & dinner. And each Kit is designed to last 25 years under proper storage conditions. Each 4-Week Kit has an average of 38,000 calories (approx. 1,357 calories per day) for energy & nutrients to survive an emergency. Your 4-Week Survival Food kit is designed to provide energy and nutrients for one person in a stressful emergency situation. You may want or need more calories or nutrients per day. It’s not intended to be a complete caloric replacement during “normal” times. In an extended emergency – such as one lasting 4 weeks or more – you’ll want to supplement your daily calorie intake, nutrients and variety with additional 4Patriots survival food, food you have stockpiled in your pantry, fresh produce from your garden, etc. And some folks get MULTIPLE 4-Week Kits at once, to make sure that they have more calories on-hand or to feed more than one person. And with a deal this good, that probably makes sense!