Emergency Fire Starting Magnesium 8 Bags 99% Pure Camping Hiking Bushcraft


Price: $10.39
(as of May 24,2022 16:04:56 UTC – Details)

Product Description

magnesium fire starter, campfiremagnesium fire starter, campfire

Our magnesium is the hottest burning magnesium you can by. Start a fire quickly with a ferro rod, torch lighter or wooden matches, burns white hot ( 4000 °) even in wet conditions. The lightest and hottest fire starting material you can buy. Will light wet tinder when nothing else will. I have used magnesium while backpacking from sea level to Mt. Whitney at 14000 plus fee for over 30 years. That’s why it is so popular with all outdoors enthusiast all over the US. Thanks for looking.

See you on the trail. Steve Kaeser

Magnesium fire starterMagnesium fire starter

Shaved, shaved, shreds, chips, spiral, powder magnesium for easy startingMade and…