Mayday Pouch Water, Coast Guard Emergency Water, 5-Year Shelf LIfe, Disaster Preparedness Sup…


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These individual ready to drink emergency water pouches have a 5 year shelf life. Minimum 2 pouches per person per day recommended. Purified by reverse osmosis to meet U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards. Sealed in sanitized leak-proof pouches these 4.225 oz emergency purified water pouches are U.S. Coast guard approved. Purified, sterilized, and sealed in airtight pouches, these emergency water rations can withstand temperatures ranging from 40 F to 230 F and offer a dependable potable water supply for up to five years without the need for rotation schedules and additional purification. Can be frozen without any adverse effects, and it can also be used as cold compress. U. S. Coast guard approved.
EMERGENCY DRINKING WATER POUCHES: Mayday ready to drink water has a 5 year shelf life. Prevent hydration with Mayday water pouches. This bulk emergency drinking water pack includes 100 cartons. Lightweight cartons help make carrying easier rather than bottled water.
AIRTIGHT POUCHES: Purified, sterilized, and sealed in airtight pouches. This purified water…